Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blogs Now R.I.P.

Spam has taken out a fine piece of work, Andreas Wacker's Blogs Now.

February 27 2007
BlogsNow has been turned off.Recently the ratio of spam- vs. real blogshas shifted even further.
In order for BlogsNowto continue to create meaningful results I would have to add signifcantly more code for spam detection.
I decided not to do this right now.

This is a loss for me. Another of the small fry drops by the wayside and the big guys go on their merry way. The same thing happened to Scott Furgusson's Pundit Drome. Sigh.

I found out some time ago that technology is great but the internet is far greater than any metric can get a handle on. From time to time I take a look at places like TTLB or Technorati. I'm impressed with what they track, but puzzled by what they miss. I also know personally of several blogs that are essentially dead that are being credited with "links in" or the like, I think because Hoot's Place is on the blogroll, and others that have my blog on their blogroll that go without untracked. Someday the avalanche will slow down and some of the pebbles might start voting after all. We'll see.

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