Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bloggingheads TV

Wanna see how some bloggers look and talk?
Bloggingheads TV is the online place to go.

Garrison Keillor joked once that he was better suited for radio than television because of his looks. (I think he looks fine on TV but it makes for a great line. His looks show...shall we say, character.) I can see how bloggers as a group might be advised to stick with their keyboards, but there is a home-movie/YouTube quality to Bloggingheads TV that is refreshing.

There may still be a few technical wrinkles to be ironed out, but I'm having no problem. I added a link to the blogroll and Bloglines will pick up new material as it is posted.

→►As an aside, I am still amazed that the Blogger spellchecking feature still refuses to recognize words like bloggers, blogroll or Bloglines. Ain't technology great?◄§

Background reading HERE
and HERE.

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