Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Foreign Policy Magazine -- What's going on this morning?

Blake Hounshell is a regular part of my morning reading.
This morning I can't get a connection, either through Bloglines or a Google search.
Instead the browser gets a message I have never seen...

"Too many connections"

What the heck is that?
I thought at first this new IE7 browser had too many tabs open, so I closed all but one. Still it didn't work.
I tried putting the simple address directly into the address field and that isn't working.
There is an old link that returns something, but trying to access anything on the sidebar gets a bunch of crazy clicking noises or the same "too may connectins" message.
I'm not very techno-savy, but is this what a DOS attack looks like?
I dunno.
I just hope it is taken care of soon. The preview window in Bloglines had a couple of stories that I wanted to read, but alas that window cannot be retrieved...
Is Blake Hounshell trying to spill some beans on someone and getting hit with a DOS attack to slow him down?
I'm no conspiracy nut, but some stories make me suspicious about people in high places.

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Anonymous said...

We're back; database error took us down. Sorry for the inconvenience.