Monday, March 05, 2007

Chris Bliss, Fantastic Juggler Video

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vietnamcatfish said...

What a juggler, eh? And not to drop a ball. Wonder how long he practices every day? Signature ending to most Paul Mc's concerts. I'll never forget me and Kitty being on row 6 in front of the stage and groovin' to my idol's music. Circa 1991. Tickets bought via the ajc classifieds. Seems the scalpers were driving a new BMW if memory recollects.

$200.00 for each ticket seems tame now but that's the price for row 6 in the latter year of Bush's presidency.

P.S. Golden Slumbers et al was also the last song on Abbey Road, the last album from the Fab 4. And appropriately the last song in the melody chain is "The End." Who'd a thunk it?