Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doc Searls Prophecy

Not to put to fine a point on it (I will leave that to others better informed than I) this caught my attention this morning.

We have to stop believing what our phone and cable bills tell us: that the Net is gravy on top of telephony and television, when it should be obvious that the Net is a base public utility while voice and video are just two forms of data that can ride on it.

Trust me: This will be a cause you care about sometime in the next two years.

It should be already.

This is why I try to keep up with this man.
He's the most well-informed source I have found not trapped in some little corner of cyber-space or sailing the nose-bleed heights of technology, never to be understood by ordinary mortals.
A few people still look at the big picture and see the forest as well as the trees.
Make a mental note when this comes to pass that you read it here first (presuming that you did...).

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