Friday, February 25, 2005

Audio discoveries...NPR, Podcast...

This story was on All Things Considered this evening and is too good to miss.
As Israel withdraws from Gaza she leaves behind a curious trace of the past, special car tags that indicate "stolen cars"!
Apparently car thieves in Israel were able to fence their stolen cars in Gaza during the 1990's when the Palastinian Authority took control. The owners had been reimbursed by insurance, so the cars were in service, but identified by special plates.
Now with matters being shifted, the companies are bringing lawsuits to recover their money. The decision has been made by the authorities to charge higher fees for the stolen cars in order to recover the loss.
This is a really wierd story.
Takes about four minutes.

When I linked to Lileks' podcast Wednesday I took off on what I thought was a fantasy...that someone might skip blogging altogether by using a microphone to simply read from the screen while surfing, thereby skipping all the keyboard trouble of editing, spell checking, and all that.
A comment was left.

Imagine no longer. Subscribe to the Rip & Read Blogger Podcast. I've done over 70 shows of just what you are talking about. I also include some C-SPAN, NPR, and other sources. I do it from a script, though.

This guy is another podcaster, lifting his material from the internet.
He has a good voice and clearly devotes a lot of energy into what he does.

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