Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Boadening your universe

Just so you don't get left out, let me be among the first to alert you to a vital new series of inciteful messages from Japundit:

In line with the JAPUNDIT philosophy that no horse is too dead to flog (as demonstrated by our numerous articles on sushi and Hello Kitty goods), starting from tomorrow (February 9) we will be highlighting a unique or interesting earpick design on a daily basis.

For some reason, the Japanese absolutely love picking their ears. And they love talking about it, too! Do a web search on the Japanese term mimikaki in Japanese and you will get an amazing 143,000 hits. A search on “earpick” will net you only about 10% of that number, mostly for sites that have nothing at all to do with sticking things in your ear.

The number of Japanese websites devoted entirely to mimikaki and mimikaki art is simply amazing. There are traditional mimikaki made of wood, modern designs with multiple hooks to improve your per stroke crud removal efficiency, and high-tech models with lights and even cameras attached. Many mimikaki have a cute little character at the handle end, so you can choose the one that suits your taste, style, and even mood of the day.

Now you know.
You wouldn't want to be left out of this one.

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