Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Peeking behind the weblog curtain

Fred Wilson is a venture capitalist, one of the movers and shakers workiing the internet world in a very important way. I have linked to his blog before, big-time wheeler-dealer that I am, always snooping about for another big deal. (One of the most vivid first person accounts of the tsunami was from one of his links.)
This post describes in a nutshell the growth of blogging as it reflects the programming mechanics that make it operate.
Anyone interested in program architecture will find this interesting...and aching to know what he doesn't tell us. Also, check out the comment(s). These guys are part of the infrastructure.

Blogging 1.0 paved the way for Blogging 2.0. I see four fundamental improvements that differentiate Blogging 1.0 from Blogging 2.0.
The first is the notion of the post as the central piece of content. ...
The second is related to the first. Permalinks have changed the game fundamentally. Linking to content was not really possible until permalinks came along. ...The third is RSS. Blogging 1.0 was a web experience. Blogging 2.0 is a everywhere experience. Content was a solid in Blogging 1.0 and its a fluid in Blogging 2.0.
The fourth is CPC and contextual ad networks. In Blogging 1.0, the only way to monetize the business was with banners. And brand advertisers were not thrilled with paying high CPMs to advertise on 'amateur content'.

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