Monday, February 07, 2005

Good essays: Dr. Craig Hildreth; The Anchoress

Sometimes you just want to read something well-written that's not trying to change the universe.

Dr. Hildreth's blog is a good place to do that. Here he comments on making a decision versus playing it safe...and living with dignity with decisions once made. Take a moment to go read. I'll wait here.

And speaking of decision-making, I commend The Anchoress for helping me decide to skip a movie because the content is subtly corrosive to character. (Her comments are a bit longer.)
There seems to be a collective tendency to keep unexpected movie endings secret. At some level we all like surprises, but not all surprises are categorically alike. Some are best avoided. If you decide to see Million Dollar Baby be aware that it is being seen by many as a promotional piece for euthanasia.

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