Monday, February 07, 2005

One down, nine to go

Baldilocks has to go missing for a while and is asking for co-bloggers to mind the store in her absence. She is shooting for a clutch of ten, with two per day taking turns, it seems, so as not to overtax any one individual. (Incidentally, that's the best way to manage church nurseries, too. No kidding.)

I'd like to request that those who wish to post here as co-bloggers during the work week send a volunteer notice in comments to this post or via email. Already, I have the intrepid Ith, but she's a bit under the weather. (Be well, girlfriend.) I'd like to add nine more into the mix.

She spells out the rules in clear language. I like her guidelines a lot. She has the right idea about blogging. Go see.

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