Monday, February 14, 2005

Our tax dollars at work

A former U.S. occupation official in Iraq (news - web sites) thought he was in the Wild West in 2003 as he watched colleagues pull $2 million in fresh bills from a vault and stuff them in a contractor's gunnysack.

Cash payments that weren't stuffed in sacks were made from a pickup truck that bore the name of Iraq's grounded airline. American authorities thought the vehicle would "meld into the environment," the ex-official, Frank Willis, said.

Willis, who was a senior adviser in aviation and telecommunications, planned to describe his experience Monday to a panel of Democratic senators. The hearing is to spotlight the waste of money in Iraq by the former occupation agency, the Coalition Provisional Authority.

This is a story that is too good to miss.
Lot's of us currency was found hidden (hidden?) in some of Saddam's palaces.

Wampum's description is much better than mine.
Go read.

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