Friday, February 04, 2005

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

I like to look at pictures.
Photoblogging is a great break from the drab world of words and arguments.
The Wandering Jew doesn't take but a moment. There is always something fresh and interesting to see, and you don't get bogged down with a bunch of ranting.
Go see. While you're there, find the main link and scroll down to get a feel for the blog. It's not all pictures. but I'm like a kid. I like to see pictures and this guy has a good eye.

Every morning at 8 o'clock, the students at Wenzhou Experimental Primary School, like students all over China, assemble outside to do their morning exercises. The exercises, mostly stretching, last for ten minutes. Afterwards, the Chinese flag is raised, the principal makes announcements, and then one of the prize pupils at the school recites poetry or delivers speeches exhorting his classmates to study harder.

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