Sunday, February 27, 2005

Lessons and reflections from The Anchoress

Okay then. (Thanks SKB)
This is why I link here.
Two good hits in one day.

First, regarding children (also mentioned in the post I just published), quotes from Tim Russert and James Lileks.

Russert: "Who are our children? How do we get into their hearts and minds," Russert asked, "to get them to see the value of our values?" In dealing with his own son, Luke, Russert added that he tells him, "You are always, always loved, but you are never entitled."

Comment: I wonder if Russert knows just what a huge statement he has made - one that may well be in conflict with his own ideology - because it is profound on many levels, emotionally, spiritually, materially - even politically.

Lileks: This morning she [speaking about his little girl] was painting, and what had been a portrait of her and her friend turned into a self-portrait, with the friend morphed into a house. And then she said something that's stayed with me all day: "All of my mistakes are giving me ideas." You can turn that one around in your head all day long. All your life, for that matter.

Comment: Indeed.

Also, just above this post, another fine blogservation about the Pope, euthanasia and God's will.
Go, go read.

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