Sunday, February 13, 2005

Letting go of a pet

Babalu Blog is the preeminent Cuban blog. I started to say "outside of Cuba" but I don't think ther are any inside Cuba. Anyway, this post has nothing to do with politics. Pure and simple, it tells a story that will grab the heart of any pet owner.

What a beautiful cat. He's so cool. Looks a little like a siamese but without the standoffish attitude. His eyes are blue. Like a clear sky in the middle of the day.

And your dog, the big, untiring ruffian has done the same thing as you these past few months. He's been getting acquianted with blue eyes. Blue eyes has let your dog know in no uncertain terms that there are boundaries. But they can still be pals. After all, it's just the two of them all alone here in this yard everyday.

One day you get home and find blue eyes sprawled all over the sleeping dog. Lying on this big fluffly doggy bed like a little lion. The cat just opens his eyes and looks at you without even raisning his head. What a sight.

This is why blogging is such great exercise. This link is by way of Hog on Ice, of all places. He and the writer of Babalu blog have a kind of Star Trek thing bouncing back and forth that is great fun for their readers. I can't remember how I got Hog on Ice into my list, but I knew it was an okay place when I saw Rachel Lucas on the blogroll. Since she got out of school and got some financial security in her life, her rants don't have the fire that she was capable of back in the day, but she can still set off a trail of sparks better than most people who do rants. Apparently she and the Hog are pretty tight. Rachel's original archives have been taken away, a loss to the internet comparable to a fire in the Smithsonian, but she can still knock off a great rant. Case in point, comments about the latest news regarding the British royal family. Be advised: profanity ahead.

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