Tuesday, August 30, 2005

African Bullets & Honey

This is why I love blogging.

When not blogging, this is what I do in the Welshcountryside: wear stupid looking helmets and swing around on wires.

This morning I have come across a beautiful, well-crafted blog by a guy from Kenya. I presume from today's pictures that he is for the moment living in Britain, and working in a job - as do so many extraordinarily gifted people from around the world -which pays the rent but does not allow him to be seen or appreciated as the richly-endowed person he really is. I may be tilted in my opinion because among my former employees was a charming, hard-working girl from Kenya whose smile sould sell anything, whose hourly job in a cafeteria was only a stepping stone in her life. (Last I heard she was learning to fly helicopters in the British military, even though she was studying computer science when I knew her.)

Never having been to Africa, and not likely to get a chance, African Bullets & Honey may be as close as I ever come. But what a great trip is is.

He reprints an essay by Orwell which in the light of tody's world needs no fisking to reveal the noblesse oblige, white man's burden attitude it exemplifies.
Written in 1936, George Orwell's 'Shooting an Elephant' is a classic examination of the nature of colonial power and the curious administrative and moral posture of the colonialist. Go here for more of his essays.
How many people could put so much into so few words? And with grace. I'm envious.

He also links to other Kenyan bloggers. I haven't explored there yet, but Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman looks interesting. Part of the banner reads Why suffer alone? Why suffer in silence? I demand an audience for my ramblings. Besides, they will make you feel superior, sane,noble and charitable as well as infinitely intelligent as you will undoubtedly be able to dismiss them as nonsense. They are, in fact, just the diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman..

This discovery is a dividend from being on the Pundit Dome Second Page. I would not likely have come across this blog otherwise.

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