Friday, August 05, 2005

Rose is a rose is a rose, but...

Maybe a rose is a rose, but cocaine can be called just about anything else, it seems.

For cocaine powder: Badrock, Bazooka, Beam, Berni, Bernice, Big C, Blast, Blizzard, Blow, Blunt, Bouncing Powder, Bump, C, Cabello, Caine, Candy, Caviar, Charlie, Chicken Scratch, Coca, Cocktail, Coconut, Coke, Cola, Damablanca, Dust, Flake, Flex, Florida Snow, Foo Foo, Freeze, G-Rock, Girl, Goofball, Happy Dust, Happy Powder, Happy Trails, Heaven, King, Lady, Lady Caine, Late Night, Line, Mama Coca, Marching Dust/Powder, Mojo, Monster, Mujer, Nieve, Nose, Nose Candy, P-Dogs, Peruvian, Powder, Press, Prime Time, Rush, Shot, Sleighride, Sniff, Snort, Snow, Snowbirds, Soda, Speedball, Sporting, Stardust, Sugar, Sweet Stuff, Toke, Trails, White Lady, White Powder, Yeyo, Zip.

For smokeable cocaine: Base, Ball, Beat, Bisquits, Bones, Boost, Boulders, Brick, Bump, Cakes, Casper, Chalk, Cookies, Crumbs, Cubes, Fatbags, Freebase, Gravel, Hardball, Hell, Kibbles n' Bits, Kryptonite, Love, Moonrocks, Nuggets, Onion, Pebbles, Piedras, Piece, Ready Rock, Roca, Rock(s), Rock Star, Scotty, Scrabble, Smoke House, Stones, Teeth, Tornado.

Just another string of trivia gleaned from the Freakonomics blog.

Interesting side note: Stephen J. Dubner, one of the co-authors of the book, took time to make a Wikipedia correction that had listed him as an economist. He takes a dim view of the online resource.

Oops, my bad. I just checked my links (and his) and he didn't take time to make the correction. Or maybe he has, but not in a way that a speedy deletion has percolated through the software.

Wonder why Wikipedia, which I consider to be a fantastic online resource and amazing work in progress, will probably never be the last authoritative word on anything?

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