Sunday, August 07, 2005

Yet another Churchill barb

Via Pejman here is another Churchill story.

We've all heard the one where a lady says to him one evening, "Winston, you're drunk!"
To which he supposedly replied, "Yes, madam, and you're ugly. But tomorrow morning I will be sober.

Or to the lady who said "Winston, if I were married to you I would give you poison."
And he replied "And madam, if I were married to you, I'd drink it."

This is one I had not heard.

Winston Churchill...arrived at a London hotel for a function when he decided to stop by the men's room. No sooner did he find a position to relieve himself than who should enter the men's room but his old political rival Clement Attlee.

To Churchill's surprise, Attlee came and stood right next to him, so Churchill nervously moved a few places away.

"My, my, Winston," Attlee exclaimed. "Are we being modest?"

Churchill replied, "Not at all Clement. It's just that whenever you see something that is large, privately owned and working well, you want to nationalize it."

--As related by Ronald Reagan.

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