Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mission Accomplished

Today's Washington Post...

The Bush administration is significantly lowering expectations of what can be achieved in Iraq, recognizing that the United States will have to settle for far less progress than originally envisioned during the transition due to end in four months, according to U.S. officials in Washington and Baghdad.

The United States no longer expects to see a model new democracy, a self-supporting oil industry or a society in which the majority of people are free from serious security or economic challenges, U.S. officials say.

I wanna see which "U.S. officials" would say such a thing?
Surely not anybody speaking for the president. That would be a clear indication of someone trying to undermine morale and torpedo hopes for winning this thing.
C'mon, guys. Let's come clean and get a little transparency in government.
Who's talking this trash?
Patriotic Americans want to know!

As if that isn't enough, look at this!
Pentagon officials originally envisioned Iraq's oil revenue paying many post-invasion expenses. But Iraq, ranked among world leaders behind Saudi Arabia in proven oil reserves, is incapable of producing enough refined fuel amid a car-buying boom that has put an estimated 1 million more vehicles on the road after the invasion. Lines for subsidized cheap gas stretch for miles every day in Baghdad.

Oil production is estimated at 2.22 million barrels a day, short of the goal of 2.5 million. Iraq's pre-war high was 2.67 million barrels a day.

Why bring up oil, for goodness' sake?
Besides, who's worried about oil production levels while our troops are being killed?
This is not about oil! This war is about freedom and democracy!
C'mon, now.

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