Monday, August 01, 2005

Jeff Jarvis says good riddance to AOL

Jeff Jarvis writes an epitaph.

At long last, I canceled AOL. And it feels so good. So spammers: I now hand over to you. It’s all yours. It has been for the last five years. You made that address utterly useless. You didn’t even know I wasn’t there. But I’m gone now. Just thought I’d let you know.
The comments thread is a chorus of agreement.
My own exposure to AOL is limited to another computer I use to access the internet from time to time. I haven't bothered to learn anything about the platform. I'm getting old and have more important subjects to study.
My personal complaint about AOL is that tacky announcement teaching all of America the grammatically incorrect line "You've got mail."
I think how different life would be if they had decided to say, more plainly, "You have mail."
I still don't hear any coolness, cleverness or other advantage to saying it wrong.

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