Thursday, August 04, 2005

British backlash

From the mother country, source of common law, parliamentary democracy and the Queen's English, we get the following account...

Four weeks after the explosions in the capital, a survey of forces by The Independent yesterday found a substantial increase in racially motivated crime, particularly in inner cities. Experts said as many as one in six of those abused or attacked were not Muslim but were simply of an Asian appearance.

As community leaders expressed alarm over the surge in race-hate crimes, a Conservative frontbench spokesman was accused of stoking racial tension by calling for Muslims to get out of Britain if they did not like its way of life.

Further into the article...

Frail and frightened, Siham Kadoura emerges from her flat just once every few weeks to visit her local mosque. After years of peaceful co-existence with her neighbours, the 67-year-old former headmistress does not even dare venture out to visit her 10 grandchildren.

But it is hard to hide from the racists when bricks come through your window and dog faeces are left on your doorstep, which is daubed with a swastika. "It was the night, about three o'clock. I heard smashing. I was alone and I was very scared," said the mother of three children.

"I have tried to live with it, but I have got very, very depressed. It makes me feel I am a target. It is traumatic.

"I used to go out walking in the park and visiting my family. But I am too scared now. I have no life. I only go out once or twice a month to the mosque and the shops."

Mrs Kadoura, who lives alone, has recently had a hip operation and has heart problems. She has had her car repeatedly vandalised, despite its disabled sticker.
She is not alone. Attendance at her local mosque, she explained, has halved because people were afraid.

She had never experienced racism until the 11 September terrorist attacks. Then, suddenly, groups of boys began swearing and spitting at her in the hallways. After a while, the racists faded away but, she said, they are back with a vengeance since the attacks on London.

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