Monday, August 15, 2005

Interview with the widow of the late Stephen Vincent

I am listening to the voice of Stephen Vincent's widow, a model of excellence impossible to describe here. She is clear, strong and articulate.
Vincent's tragic death by assassination will always be remembered as one of the war's noblest sacrifices by a journalist. He was about to come home, got careless, and was killed as a result.

He wrote back to me in his last email to me, "I'm really tired, it's 135 degrees in here, and this heat is really wearing on me and I've been just going every day." And I think--he didn't get killed--but he let his guard down and went out on the street when he really shouldn't have. But I think he thought that because he had been there so long, and was only going to be there for another two weeks, that it would be okay. And he forgot about the phone calls, and he forgot about Nour being approached--and they got him.
This is the most gripping audio stream that I have heard lately.
It's not short, but it is truly excellent.
If this is any sample of what open source radio is like, terrestrial radio had better start reorganizing what it does. A transcript would not be the same. An oral report has too many words to make for good writing. Speaking is to communication the next best thing to a picture, which is why television is better than radio. (And radio is better than a newspaper if you are driving a car. Or if you cannot read. A good many people are either illiterate or unable to read a language that is not their mother tongue.)
Thanks to Judith Weiss for the link.

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