Tuesday, August 09, 2005

No, the sky is not falling...yet

Indications are that this year's influenza virus is more deadly than in recent years. Historically the world has experienced a deadly outbreak that recurs about every forty years. By that reckoning the time has come again for another worldwide outbreak.

Stephen Levitt comments…

I've long felt like a flu epidemic is one of the biggest external threats to the U.S. right now when measured in expected lives lost over the next ten years. Reading John Barry's book "The Great Influenza" is very sobering, but worthwhile.It sounds crazy, but on the long list of things I'd like to do that I never get around to is to buy two weeks of food and water to put in the basement so no one in my family has to leave the house if the epidemic hits. My wife just laughs. Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution shares my fears. Unlike me, he is actually doing something to prepare. He has a post here with some updates, and even a blog devoted to the avian flu here.There is no mention I could find on his site about how much food and water he has in his basement.

A blog has been established...
We at avianflu.typepad.com are committed to the idea that decentralized communication and expertise can make a difference. We have set up this blog as a clearinghouse for information about avian flu. Sadly avian flu may become a major crisis, so the world should have all of the defensive resources at its disposal, including blogs.If you have a relevant post for the blog, please let us know. Please feel encouraged to leave your ideas and expertise in the comments section of the relevant post. There is much information about avian flu that is not available in the major media or on-line. Comments from individuals in affected areas, and research scientists, are especially welcome.We do not necessarily endorse or agree with the contents of linked material. Nor do we intend this blog as a source of medical advice. Our mission is that of a clearinghouse and communication center.

Just keeping up.
I report. You decide.

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