Monday, August 29, 2005

Warriors with honor

This paragraph is an eloquent description of how real soldiers should be trained. Via Paulo Cohen-Myers a piece from the New York Sun...describing Israeli soldiers removing the settlers from Gaza... is the consolation that came to me, even in those hours, from the mere nature of the state of Israel, in the shape of its unique and amazing creation, its soul, the Israel Defense Force and the police. The amazingly sweet, understanding, and yet firm, professional, and morally clear attitude of the Israeli soldiers and policemen created a sincere, warm but uncompromising relationship with the very people they were removing. This will be forever an example for all the armies of the world. And a guarantee that, in a democracy, you can continue speaking and protesting and praying (oh, how many words were spent from the two sides, as if a single soldier who refused the orders could stop the disengagement) without shooting and using force, except in very few cases. The disengagement has been the image of a morally motivated democracy in motion.

It doesn't get any better than that. The rest of the article is well worth the reading.
I have nothing to add.

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