Monday, March 20, 2006

Belarus -- Today's most exciting story

Publius is live-blogging another revolution in the streets.
This is blogging at it's best. Babes, too! That tells me this is for real.

Veronica Khokhlova is working overtime liveblogging this as well. She translates a post from LiveJournal user lipski that says people are beginning to go home because it’s cold and can’t hear what people are saying very well. He says that people are a bit disappointed due to the snow storm, but in general are happy to see the strength they have in numbers and the overwhelming support they’ve gotten. But Neeka, who lived through the Orange Revolution herself, notes that the first night of protests weren’t exactly anything to gawk at either and people had the same sinking feeling in their stomachs. And yet the next morning, just as Milinkevich called people out now for tomorrow, people showed up and began their revolution. Now we must wait and see if the people of Belarus can reignite the fire in them come morning, and if the military won’t kill them. That the election commission plans on giving Lukashenko some 90% of the vote, when independent exit polls put him at 47% — thus forcing a runoff with Milinkevich — should be enough to get people out on the streets. At least I hope so.

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