Monday, March 06, 2006

Lobbying for port control

Or porting for lobby control, or controlling for port lobbying, or porting lobbyists to control politics, or something....

Wanna sell a bridge? Here are a couple of experienced teams that can help: Clinton & Clinton, and Dole & Dole. Read this wonderful political romp.

Although both Hillary and Bill Clinton say he stands behind her on the issue and there is no direct conflict, his relationship to the UAE has complicated her political stance on the transaction. Not really. You see. Hillary is posing as a security hawk and an Arab basher. Voters like that and she gets political brownie points. But then after a "decent interval" she'll start retreating from her initial stance. She has received more information on the deal...blah.. blah.. blah.. She has now a greater comfort level over it... blah..blah.. blah.. She would even support a "compromise" -- meaning that we'll going ahead with the deal -- while ensuring U.S. security...blah...blah...blah... So everyone is happy: Bill got paid. Hillary won more votes. The masses had a chance to get out their anger. And you guys have your deal.

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