Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Outback Steakhouse in Korea

Via Argghhh Blog we learn that Outback is one of the largest restaurant chains in Korea. If you follow the link, be sure to check out the menu links provided. Reading the description brought back a flood of good memories of eating out in Korea long, long ago. I experienced a level of customer service there that was like nothing I had ever seen before. Looks like things have not changed.

I tried to copy and paste a snip for my blog, but the site has some kind of "don't touch me" feature that won't allow ordinary people like me to do that. I wanted to do a longer post, but it's too much trouble and I'm on my way to a more important topic.


Anonymous said...

I got a visit from this post today, so I dropped by to visit... and I am perplexed by the "don't touch me" commment.

Not that now, pushing two years later, it matters... but you can copy and paste. You must have dropped by during the period of time I had a broken html tag in the body template that made it very difficult to select text.


Hoots said...

Thanks for stopping by. (January, 2007!) You're right, it's too far back to mess with a correction. I'm glad the link to your blog remains active. Lot's have dropped by the way for one reason or another.
Incidentally, I noticed the Pundit Drome widget in your sidebar. (I think that's how I found your blog.) That place folded up some time ago. Too bad...the guy had a good idea. He was especially inciteful to have included both you and I. He-he.