Sunday, March 05, 2006

Two statements from Mulsim moderates--a critique

Last week two different sources published "statements" from "moderate Muslims"in an apparent effort to calm passions getting out of control. Whose passions? Westerners, it seems, who need stroking as much as their fundamentalist Muslim counterparts need "respect." The Global War on Terrorism echoes an emptiness of reason in public debate as inane as that of the ID/Evolution debate in Dayton, Ten...., er, excuse me, the world press.

The first source, a paragon of tolerance and liberal thought, is National Review Online.
Their trophy: "A Muslim Manifesto - Rejecting the bad"

The second source is a pamphlet, Writers' statement on cartoons, released by a coalition of high-profile Muslims who pay the rent mostly by catering to the Western market.

One of the Aqoul writers takes a close look at both of these pieces and comes away with something less than enthusiastic approval. Remember, now, the people at this site have no more patience with one side than the other. But they do seem to have their heads screwed on without cross-threading. They take everything with a grain or two of salt.

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