Sunday, March 12, 2006

Willie Nile -- New York singer

Radio blogging...On 'The Streets of New York' with Willie Nile

This morning's Weekend Edition Sunday features acoustic guitar player and singer Willie Nile whom I have never heard of, but who deserves to be known by everybody. Anyone who has ever been to New York, even for a day or two, will instantly recognize the style and relate to this guy. If you don't have time to listen to the whole thirteen minutes, just listen to the first three minutes to hear his song The Streets of New York. Great stuff. And if you aren't hooked yet, before you leave, drag the control button to 18:14 and listen to a really great tune, never before broadcast, The Day I Saw Bo-Diddley in Washington Square.

More talent is poured out weekly in New York City than most people ever get to experience in a lifetime. Go get a taste.

[Think Loudon Wainwright III -- link here to an interview with him last August. Three songs here...Nanny (3:00)...Half Fist ( 8:45)...Hank and Fred (17:50)]

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