Tuesday, March 14, 2006

PejmanYousefzadeh on Dubai

He links to Ann Althouse as well. Dan Drezner, too.

Looks like Congress did enough damage to foreign policy to keep the State Department busy for a long time patching things up abroad.

...the political dinosaurs who all too prominently inhabit the terrain of policymaking when it comes to dealing with the challenges of the global economy and domestic security don't appear to recognize this fact. So instead, they are content to demagogue the issue for short-term political gain (including their own political gain should they eventually decide to run for President) while doing a monumental injustice to the facts and sacrificing the long term economic and security interests of the United States. At some point, one expects that this brand of political antediluvianism will give way to a brand of thinking that is with the times and in tune with the facts. But that does not appear to be ready to happen anytime soon.


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