Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pandagon on Latino Liberation Day

I don't read Pandagon much because I simply don't have enough time in my life. I spend so much time reading stuff I don't agree with that listening to the rest of the choir is a luxury more than a mission. But this comment on Friday's massive Hispanic demonstrations in San Francisco gets it about right.

This may be the straw that breaks the Rethug camel’s back. The 30% or so clinging to the delusion that Dear Leader is god will turn on him on this issue.

The freeper set is so virulently hateful towards undocumented workers (who are here mowing their lawns, working in restaurants they nosh in and picking the fresh produce they buy, of course) that this is the issue that will eat the GOP alive — and the pols know it.
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As I’ve discussed in prior posts, this is a complicated issue, fraught with political landmines for both parties, but as the GOP clowns are in charge of things, Bush and the the Rethugs on the Hill will be the ones to take the fall if they accommodate the xenophobic cretins or the businessmen bed buddies who love the cheap, exploitable labor pool.

Play that tiny violin and watch the racist Freepi explode…

There follows a revealing collection of actual snips from a single comment thread from the Free Republic blog. Hats off the anyone with the patience and discipline to sift through piles of ore to find these nuggets. I'm glad there are peope able to do that. David Neiwert is another one.

With people like that doing the spade work I don't feel so lost when I read the news. At some level I know that the seething, savage, thoughtless, careless quip-tossers may be in a loud and swelling majority, but as long as they are not on the side of the angels I may have something to fear but can submit to defeat in the sure knowledge that my soul is headed in the right direction.

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