Thursday, March 02, 2006


Woo-hoo! Traffic spiked today!
My Sitemeter average has been running about sixty. Tonight with over three hours to go I already have more than a hundred hits. This is the interesting part: I have no idea where they are coming form. For some reason yesterday's Iraq post is attracting the swarm. Somebody linked it and a bunch of people are checking it out.

Except for the forty-three hits at the top, this looks about normal for my little blog. Recently most-visited posts...


I dunno.

This link seems to be of military origin...

It has stuff like this:

EXPEDITIONARY CAPABILITIESWhat is it? Expeditionary Capabilities provide the Army with the ability to rapidly deploy anywhere, at any time, in any environment, against any adversary, to accomplish the assigned mission. The new strategic context of continuous operations renders obsolete the old Army readiness paradigm of “all ready, all the time.” Continuous, full-spectrum expeditionary operations are the new reality. The Army is developing a process of force generation to provide Combatant Commanders and civil authorities with rapidly deployable, employable and sustainable force capabilities packages tailored to specific mission requirements.What has the Army done? The Army, in conjunction with the other services, must continue to seek improved airlift and sealift capabilities that will enable insertion of Brigade Combat Teams in austere settings (not relying on Air and Sea Ports of Debarkation), with minimal requirement for Reception, Staging, Onward movement and Integration. Strategic responsiveness is enhanced through improving the ability to deploy rapidly to austere fighting environments, fight on arrival throughout the battlespace and sustain operations until victorious. These initiatives include:• Establishing a comprehensive Army Force Generation process to provide Combatant Commanders and civil authorities with rapidly deployable and employable Army forces.• Resetting Army prepositioned equipment sets into modular configurations.• Building modular capabilities that improve theater force reception and logistics connectivity and distribution capability in the Brigade Combat Teams.• Identifying and improving infrastructure at critical power projection installations to support mobilization, demobilization and rapid deployment.• Updating institutional processes to prepare forces for rapid deployments and to support forces in sustained expeditionary operations.

Yadda-yadda-yadda. I know milspeak when I see it. I had forgotten how many words can be invoked at the command and control level without getting anywhere. I shouldn't have been so hard on the chikblog the other day for having so many words. At least she is identifiable and seems to have a willing and equally voluble cadre of readers.

This part looks interesting, though:

Iraqi Mayor Thanks US Army (
Iraq - Future looks fragile and uncertain (
The Vision Thing (

I guess I must have made the list today. That second link, the first "BS" is to my post. I see Mudville Gazette rates a GP.
BS. Wonder if it's short for....surely not. And GP must stand for Good Post.
I just love it.
Hi, Guys! Welcome to Hoots' Place!

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