Sunday, August 06, 2006

Baathist coup in Baghdad?

This is interesting. I have to stop now to go to work, but this is too intriguing to skip.

We have learned from authoritative sources based in Damascus that a group of approximately 400 former Iraqi military ex-officers (primarily cadre who are Baathist and secular non-Baathists) held a conference in the Syrian capital to coordinate efforts to carry out a coup d'état to topple the new Government of Iraq.


... the plan resulted from the strange certainty of some former Baathist officers and senior political officials that, once the coup was underway, the U.S. would support it -- reputedly because American officials, Baathists maintained, were fed up with the continued incompetence of the al-Jaafari/al-Maliki governments.

The belief of the ex-Baathists was that American officials were yearning for the Saddam Hussein era -- a period of vicious dictatorship, albeit without the instability currently eviscerating the country....

The fantasy is right even if the facts are not. That part about yearning for the stability of the Saddam Era resonates loud and clear.


Here is the link to Conflicts Forum. (It's a dot-com, not dot-org)

Also, the same post appears in a Google cache of Clinton Blog.

The day has gone by and nothing more has appeared. I dunno. The internets is a crazy place with all those tubes and stuff.

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