Sunday, August 20, 2006

dumm...tee dumm, dumm...

From one of Josh Marshall's readers...

Are Rumsfeld's days numbered?

...and Laura Rozen:

Has Bush called some people to inquire if they would be willing to replace Rumsfeld? In the past ten days?


Fayrouz said...


I'm not a fan of Rummy. Probably we need some fresh ideas and thoughts in the Pentagon even though there's only two years left for this admin in office.

The situation in Iraq is getting really bad. My cousin survived a death by the militia in al-doura a few weeks ago. Another Chaldean priest has been kidnapped by the militia running the show in that district.

I'm tired of arguing with my Iraqi friends who still live there. They believe America is an evil and no matter how much I try to change their mind, I'm losing the argument because they don't see any progress in their lives.

Hoots said...

I cannot imagine how frustrated you must be. I also am ready for something more realistic than the ongoing muddling that seems to be our policy. If we could figure out how to keep the troops and commanders who, in the language of Thomas Ricks, "get it," and bring home the rest the situation might improve. I know part of the plan is to keep a military presence aimed at both Syria and Iran, so Iraq happens to be geographically important from that angle. But the toll of human suffering, over and above the internecine fighting that would continue even if the US vacated altogether, seems hardly worth the strategic advantages obtained in the bargain.