Monday, August 07, 2006

NPR feature about Wikipedia

Radio blogging here...

It was last Saturday but the subject is not time-sensitive so I'm getting to it now (when I remembered it),

Weekend Edition - Saturday, August 5, 2006 · This weekend over 400 Wikipedia enthusiasts are gathering at Harvard for Wikimania 2006, a tribute to the Wikipedia Web site. Andrew Lih, who is writing a book about the Wikipedia phenomenon, tells Scott Simon about the conference.

The feature is about three and a half minutes.

If you are really, really into learning about Wikipedia, here is a link to the NPR Blog which links to a place where you can get the whole three-day conference. This is journalism over the top! I didn't even know NPR had a blog. Live and learn.

Musings from a Wikimaniac

August 7, 2006 · Have you used Wikipedia yet? Has anybody who writes for a living (or for school) NOT used Wikipedia yet? I love the Web site and I'm scared of it. It's got great, raw information that points in useful directions, but... don't trust it. What was it that Ronald Reagan said way back in 1987, paraphrasing a Russian proverb -- "Trust, but verify." NPR's very own "Moe" Clements just sent us this dispatch from the second annual convention of Wikimaniacs.
The Wiki revolution is upon us! This past weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to attend the Second Annual Wikimania Conference, where hundreds of wikipedians and wikimaniacs from all over the world descended upon Harvard's law school campus to present, ponder and pontificate on all things wiki. [More at the link.]

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