Saturday, August 12, 2006

Iraqi bloggers in Jordan

No one seems to have done a comprehensive tally, but my instinct is that Iraq is steadily losing some of its most important human resources because they are simply leaving the country. This may turn out to be a sadder legacy of the war than the casualties we read about daily. These people represent the best hope for the future, the creative human elements that might cobble together something that could pass for civil conduct instead of the escallating extremism that appears to be overtaking the place.

Fayrouz says half the Chaldean Christians have already left. Riverbend notes a similar trend from the ranks of those she knows, probably some of the brightest intellects in the country whether or not you like their politics.

Now from Jordan we have pictures and posts from Zayed, reporting on a meet-up of Iraqi bloggers in Amman, as he waits his turn to come to America. We are witnessing a sad story unfolding. We will know that the situation in Iraq is turning around when we can read reports about these good people getting excited about returning home.

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