Thursday, August 03, 2006

Billmon is hot, hot, hot...

Today's post is a don't miss.

It looks to me like it would take weeks of hard fighting -- Iwo Jima style fighting -- just to link these pockets into a contiguous zone inside the border, much less advance to the Litani River on a broad front. (The Israelis claim they've already reached the river, but it appears to be far to the east, where the Litani ducks close to Israel before taking a hairpin turn to the north).


...the prime minister suffered the indignity today of being quoted thus:

Olmert said on Wednesday that Israel's offensive in Lebanon had "entirely destroyed" the infrastructure of Hizbollah, citing the reduced number of rockets hitting Israel.

just as the inhabitants of northern Israel were experiencing this:
Hezbollah rockets struck Israel in record numbers and deeper than ever Wednesday, pushing the three-week total over the 2,000 mark and killing a Boston-born man fleeing on his bicycle toward shelter.


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