Wednesday, August 09, 2006

RedBlue Christian -- new to the blogroll

Thanks to Deborah White.

I'll give it a try and see how it goes. I used to think I was a liberal but my stripe of "liberal" is about as contemporary as a buggy whip. I knew after reading Instapundit, LGF and their children that I didn't belong in that camp, but Kos, DU and the like are just as disagreeable to me. I got excited when Arianna started her blog, but like the Brady gun-control people and the extremists on both sides of the abortion issue the positioned theme places tend to become so tilted that they lose any sense of reason and balance.

I hate the middle because it seems so wishy-washy. But when I look at the alternatives all I find is extremists. What to do? What to do? is a group blog founded by Dr. Andrew Jackson in July 2006. This Christian political blog functions within the online stable of, and it is primarily about the Kingdom of God and its relationship (not its fusion) to American politics and public policy. We believe that our biblical faith should inform and empower our political engagement, and not be
artificially separated from it.

The purpose of the is to provide Christian bloggers — whether Conservative RedChristians or Progressive BlueChristians — the same blog space to post, discuss, and debate essential and important issues related to the Kingdom of God and American politics.

We desire to promote a healthy biblical approach to politics as opposed to the adversarial “us” verses “them” stance which has resulted unfortunately in sincere Christians talking past each other more often than not.
Sounds good to me. We'll read along and see what happens. Dang; just when I was making progress at paring down the list another one comes along...


Cass said...

I'm just sympathizing with your plight, Hoots. I've been watching this Lieberman/Lamont debacle with such a heavy heart. This man has been such a good representative for his state, but.....he's not radical enough, I guess. He's a democrat this (usual) republican could vote for. Course, I guess I better not say that too loudly, eh?

Hoots said...

Right, Cass. This morning I put a post together in my head that I hope to publish tomorrow. I hope to summarize examples of extreme thinking that have polluted several recent debates.

I deleted an email just yesterday that struck me wrong. General Schwartskoff was asked if he thought Nasrallah could go to heaven and he was said to have replied "That is for God to decide. It is up to the Israelis to arrange the meeting."

That is intended to be cute, but it is no different from that old savage battle cry, "Kill them ALL and don't worry about the innocent. God will sort them out."

Our sensibilities are being dulled to the point of no discernment. Sad is, in fact, the right word.

Deborah said...

Hey Hoot! Thanks for posting this. :)