Thursday, August 24, 2006

“That law degree is paying for itself, one $90 ticket avoided at a time.”

It's been a while since I read anything at Barely Legal, Russ and Mike's diversion as they make their way through law school. Drilling back into a referral I found this story about how Mike dodged a traffic ticket by using his skills as a legal scholar arguing with a traffic cop. Polite, maybe, but not without a bit of smugness.

I put the car in park, rolled down my window, and watched in the side mirror as the cop approached my car. He was short and stocky, with dark blond hair that he wore in a closely cropped crew cut. He looked like a cop sent over from central casting. He arrived at my side, sized me up, and asked for my license and proof of insurance. I handed them over and he examined them. After a few seconds, he looked back at me and said, in a tone dripping with attitude, “So, do you think these street signs around here don’t apply to you?”

My inner smartass begged me to answer, “Yeah, pretty much,” but I resisted, mostly because I was genuinely confused as to why I had been pulled over. “What street sign are you referring to?” I asked.

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