Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fred Clark remembers "We Shall Overcome"

As well as I can figure, Fred Clark is about twenty years my junior. I knew a few people like him "back in the day." That's why I like his stuff. He helps me keep the sparks alive.
Go read his story.

This was encouraging, at first, since I figured anybody there protesting the Klan must be on the side of the angels. But it turned out to be more complicated than that. We were there, Nelson had said, to protest peacefully, but most in the crowd did not seem to share this commitment to nonviolence. Many, especially the ones who were drinking, just looked like they were spoiling for a fight. They didn't really seem to object to the Klan's racism, but rather to view them as a rival gang on their turf. Apart from my passengers, everyone there was white.

[For the benefit of anyone who might have wandered here from Red Blue Christian (You know, Heterosexual + Choose your sex and all that -- ) here's a great link to a piece by the Slacktivist that is still fresh after two years.]

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