Monday, August 14, 2006

Prejudice is a two-sided sword

File this one under "Fog of Peace." No one will remember in a few weeks, but another needless handful of straw has been tossed on the camel's back (if you'll forgive the reference).

Donald Sensing links to this story of prejudiced behavior on the part of an airport supervisor in Tel Aviv. Anyone who has ever been jerked around by some functionary can relate, but it is too bad someone at a higher level of authority did not intervene. This was a preventable exercise in bad public relations.

American Episcopalians are struggling with our own differences, not the least of which is being snubbed by the rest of the World Anglican Communion. But no matter where we stand on other matters, when one of these guys in a purple shirt gets treated badly we tend to get a little bowed up.

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