Monday, December 27, 2004

The Daou Report

WHAT The Daou Report tracks leading blogs, message boards, online magazines, and independent websites from across the political spectrum - providing a snapshot of the latest news, views, and online buzz.

The Daou Report welcomes suggested news stories, editorials, blog entries, and forum posts. The preferred format is a link to an item posted within the preceding 12 hours with a brief quote or description. Please be aware that a limited number of entries are posted on The Daou Report at any given time, and not all submissions can be accepted. All tips and submissions will be kept confidential.

WHEN Entries are time stamped and listed sequentially, but do not necessarily reflect the chronology of postings on the linked sites.

WHY The site was launched with three objectives: 1) to offer a diverse, unfiltered sample of online political discourse, 2) to probe the ideas, passions, and perspectives that give rise to our current political divide, 3) to examine the relationship between blogs, the political establishment and the mainstream media.

Okay, then.
Now comes the kiss of death...

WHO The Daou Report is published by Peter Daou, online communications advisor to John Kerry's presidential campaign. Peter headed KE04's blog outreach and online rapid response. The Daou Report is the web version of a daily report prepared by Peter for KE04 and the DNC.

Anyone ready to kill the messenger?
I'm sure not. This is one of the best pieces of internet journalism going.
Lefties are on the left.
Righties are on the right.
All that was left for media types and comments about the media is in the middle.

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