Sunday, December 05, 2004

Exercise in democracy...or something like that

For the second year, voting is now underway for the best weblogs.
Voting is online, and anybody with a PC can cast a vote every 24 hours, so enthusiastic voting can yield greater results than ho-hum individual votes. (I'm not sure this is a bad idea. If politics worked this way citizen involvement would certainly look a lot different. And many millions would not be pissed away prying every Tom, Dick and Harry off his tail in an effort to please get out there and vote).
Anyway, where there is voting, there can always be ways to stuff the ballot boxes.
Take a look at this.
And check out the comments, too.

Thanks [to] members of the comment section at Daily Kos publishing automated voting code we've had to enforce strict IP checking for the polls. I had hoped that people would be able to conduct themselves in a civilized manner, but apparently that was too much to ask. Once the code got into circulation many of the sites nominated for Best Overall Blog got 'help' by automated bots designed to continuously vote.
Those sites have been blocked permanently from accessing this site, but there's no way to stop future attacks short of limiting each IP address to one vote every 24 hours. Unfortunately this will affect AOL users and those behind corporate firewalls. The denizens of Daily Kos have left me no alternative. Link

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