Saturday, December 04, 2004

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The Government and the United States of America begin to gain the successes in Iraq that the USA and Government achieved it in Iraq.
These victories begin from the invasion of Falluja by the RED DAWN operation to get ride of figthers that have safety shelter in this city and the invasion was successfull due to kill more than 1200 and arrest more than 1600 arabian and Iraqian figthers ,then the ANGRY GHOST operation against the figthers in Mosul city in the north of IRAQ,those figthers were terrifying ,threating and killing the peoples that cooperate with US army or ING,another victory was achieved in Aadhmia city in Baghdad,in Ramadi,Baquaba and finally but it's not the end of operations against figthers in the Death Triangle in the south of iraq, these triangle lies between (LATIFIA,MAHMODIA&YOUSIFIA)which the battles take place now in this place against the figthers with the support of USA army and british army because more than 5000 soldiers figthing now to destroy this spot of terrorists and to clear Iraq from those criminals which they were threating,kidnaping,or attacking any person or car pass from this road,and this day more than 210 figthers have been captured form this number there was 15 iraqian figthers and the ohters are from IRAN,SYRIA,AFGHANSTAN,YEMEN,SAUDIA and other islamic country.
The other victory was come from outside the Iraq and exactly from Egypt from the (SHARM AL_SHEIKH) converence which was made to help Iraq and his peoples.
A two-day Iraq conference in the Egyptian seaside resort of Sharm al-Sheikh ended on Tuesday with calls for international support for the upcoming elections, slated for late January, and for national dialogue in Iraq.
The conference was attended by all countries bordering Iraq and of course by Iraq itself and host Egypt. They were joined on the second day by the United States, the European Union, the G8 industrialised countries and China, as well as the Arab League and Organisation of the Islamic Conference.
The most important victory was the oppointing the date of Elections in the 30 ,January ,2005 and this oppointment of the date is a great victory against terroists that figth in Iraq, and finally the cancelling of the debts of Iraq in the PARIS CLUB because the members decide to cancel 80% of debts to help Iraq in his construction and building.
we hope the Iraqi have a good life with brigth future and happy days to achieving prosperty to Iraq .

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