Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I'm not ready for this!

Specs fastened to your face with piercing between the eyes!
Gimme a break.
I guess it had to come, sooner or later. A neo-pince-nez.
Pictures and story here.

This pair isn't quite what I was looking for both in design terms and in terms of fit. I don't think they sit at quite the right angle to his face and we both want them to sit a little closer to his eyes, so we'll probably make another pair in the near future. Much as there are so many designs and styles of eyeglasses currently being manufactured, I think there are a number of ways this design could be improved upon. I certainly think they look neat and ended up being far more subtle than I thought they would be. I didn't even realize he was wearing them when I saw him a few days later, and he mentioned that most people don't notice that they are only attached to the piercing.

Tip to Mark.

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