Friday, December 03, 2004

Worthy cause this year

Michelle Malkin says about Denver, Colorado's "Parade of Lights", I hate, hate, hate that p.c. euphemism.
Seems like the PC people are over the top in Denver.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper recently announced that next year the phrase "Merry Christmas" will be removed from the city building and replaced with "Happy Holidays

This event is not one that has ever intended to have a religious message or a political message," said Susan Rogers, with the Downtown Denver Partnership.

She said no overtly religious symbols is allowed in the parade and that means participants can't carry "Merry Christmas" signs and can't sing traditional Christmas hymns.

She is responding by a campaign. It probably won't get far in the holiday confusion, but I'm gonna give her a push.

Michelle Malkin: MY CHRISTMAS CRUSADE: "I am hereby launching the Lump of Coal campaign. Later today, I will box up a lump of charcoal, mark the package 'MERRY CHRISTMAS!' and send it to the Denver Mayor in protest of his idiotic policy. Please join me in doing the same (and if you take a photo of your creatively designed package, I will link/post)."

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