Friday, December 10, 2004

New reading...(Sigh)

Just when you think you can get a handle on the bookmarks and cut them down to a managable number, another website comes along and adds to the clutter. I have created a "New reading" folder, an "inactive blogs" folder, separate folders for medical, technical, spiritual,abortion, and goodness knows what else...and still the number grows. It's worse than a desk. So piled up I can't remember what all is there.
Anyway, here's another one via RLP, The World According to Chuck. Just plain storytelling, apparently with no hidden agenda other than being friendly. Here's a snip from what seems to have been his Thanksgiving post:

Six or seven years ago, my then 12-year-old (or maybe 13) daughter went to Iowa alone to visit friends. This was a big deal for us and her. She had to change planes and everything, and these were pre-cell phone days, at least for her, but she sailed through. We kept track of her all the way.
A day or so before she was due to return, I was talking with her on the phone when her friend (a girl whose family had moved from here to there; they were home alone at the moment) started yelling and Beth had to hang up to go into the cellar. It was a tornado warning. A serious one.
So I learned a parenting lesson that day, which is: You can puff your chest and strut and make rules and shake your finger and be as powerful as you want to be, but geography wins. Some days, all you can do is watch the Weather Channel and pray.
When the girls came outside, the cement-secured basketball hoop was bent double to the ground.
The house across the street was gone.

If you want to risk getting hooked, go read it.


bob (a.) said...

Hoot -

If your distress is really more than tongue in cheek, this thought comes to mind, being in full context here. Hearing the One small still voice is so much more important than entire mapping a meaningless universe, from where I see things.

Hoots said...

You are so right.
Nevertheless, as Solomon so wisely observed,"The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing." Eccl 1:8.
He didn't mention what happens when your brain starts to leak from overcharging, but that may have been the point of Ecclesiastes.