Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Photoblog from Penang

Photoblog from one of the disaster areas.
I found this by linking backward from the World Changing post below.
The Fire Ant Gazette
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noorhidayat is blogging from Penang, Malaysia.
The following insert appears at the slide show which has pictures of the waves and damages...

In due respect to the family, no pictures of death body can be found on this page. It is disheartening to see a father carrying his dead child on his hand towards the shore. He faces is emotionless and he is not crying at all...just lost of will. He is guided by policeman and fireman towards the temporary campsite at miami beach (in front of houses)

Then I see a younger child about 4-6 years old being carried by police.

Both motionless....

Somehow when people who do not speak English write in this manner ("pictures of death body...he faces is emotionless") the choice of words underscores an urgent need to make the message as clear as possible. This message, plus the powerful surge of emotion expressed in one of his earlier posts, together make tears come to my eyes...

In the comments he apologized for what he had done. I am sorry if my opinion offended you but I do not think as strongly as the others. We all have our right to our own comments. As for my post, I've family there as well who were affected, their property were hit and now they're begining to pick up their lives, luckily they did not suffer any losses except in property. As for a joke, maybe yes we all could use a laugh or two and we all have our ways to cope and I apologize for any slip of tongue. Yet I still feel that equating terrorism and a natural disaster is still not at the right moment. I don't know what I did to earn your ire among the others who uses more derogatative comments. All I am stating is there are thousands out there that has suffered and I do pray that they wil continue on with a strong will. Again, the apology only served to illustrate a powerful display of inexpressible anguish.

I recognized a few seconds of Video #1 from having seen it on CNN, but the video is longer than the clip shown on the news. Be sure to look at the whole clip, complete with sound. It is amazing to me that the video made it out and into the eyes of the world so quickly.

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