Thursday, December 30, 2004

Faurouz catches an important detail

Fayrouz comments on an explosion in Baghdad, reporting that the mainstream media in America didn't catch an important detail, namely that civilians - not (just) the perpetrators - called the police. That is a good sign. CNN and others missed it, or just failed to mention it. Her post, and comments section, is worth reading.

Fayrouz speaks the language, so she is not dependent on translators.
Her CV is most impressive.

The cops answered the call for help. But, when the cops arrived and tried to enter the house, the Sudani detonated about 1800 pounds of explosives. The explosion destroyed the house and the surrounding homes.

I'm glad some Iraqis have started to trust the police and call them about suspicious activities. It's one step on a long road to achieve security in Iraq. The next step should be for Iraqis to be more cautious before they rent a house to a foreigner. In America and Australia, we go through many checks before we can rent a house or an apartment. The same should be done in Iraq.

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