Friday, December 10, 2004

Latke Recipe

It's the third day of Hannukah.
I am an honorary Jew, having been the only goy in Hillel back in college days.
The memory of Sunday brunches with Lox and bagels, danish and coffee, has forever been one of my warm memories. And when it came time to enjoy latkes, served with apple sauce and cottage cheese, I can still see the kids in the little kitchen area of the tiny synagogue elbow to elbow, grating potatoes and onions with tears in their eyes (from the onions, already).
Here is a recipe from Imshin. I haven't made it (yet) but it looks good to me. Latkes are not all that scientific:

Here is Mum's basic recipe:
Grate four big potatoes. Let drain.
Mix two eggs, four tablespoons self-raising flour or four tablespoons plain flour and one teaspoon baking powder, salt and pepper.
Heat oil. Get Youngest to make the latkes. Fry till golden.

Here's what I added this morning, all grated:
One onion
One zucchini
One Jerusalem artichoke
A bunch of parsley
Two more eggs
More flour.

As I said, the best ever.

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Deborah said...

Yum! I'll try it sometime soon. Once made excellent, palatable matzo balls for a Passover for Protestants. Not half bad. :)