Friday, December 31, 2004

Ending 2004

This morning I have found a link to be bookmarked for future use.
It is the ultimate stupidity page, a breathtaking collection of quotes about stupidity. It is organized in alphabetical order according to the last name of the source, from "Abbey" to "Zappa," with stuff added at both ends for good measure.

I am so stupid that I cannot understand philosophy; the antithesis of this is that philosophy is so clever that it cannot comprehend my stupidity. These antitheses are mediated in a higher unity; in our common stupidity.

Philadelphia Phillies baseball star Mike Schmidt grew up in a sleepy, tree-lined, middle-class neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio. At the age of five he climbed a tree in his backyard and grabbed a 4000-volt power line. Knocked unconscious by the shock, he fell limp to the ground. The impact restarted his heart. "I've never thought that I was given a second chance because I was supposed to do something great in my life," Schmidt says. "But I've looked back and wondered why that stupid little kid didn't die. Maybe that's the reason I've always worked to hard, because I don't want to think that I wasted that chance. (Sometimes the stupid are lucky.)
--Phil Axelrod

Be sure to catch the flames at the end of the page. Internet flaming takes insult to a new level. Collecting flames has to be more fun than collecting matchbooks or stamps. Mencken would be proud.
This one is worth keeping.
Credit to Snave. (That's what started the Google search)

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